Chillpoint is fun. Chillpoint sounds great. Chillpoint loves what they do. Chillpoint makes people groove. Chillpoint plays clubs. Chillpoint plays concerts. Chillpoint is pure. Chillpoint is funk. Chillpoint is special.


Tastes like Chillpoint

We play originals. But we love the same music that you do. So, sometimes, we play our versions of those tunes. And then they feel and sound like Chillpoint. Because that's what we do.

Reside in the West

We live in CA. But that doesn't stop us from going where we're needed. If you'd like us to play your corporate event or trade show, talk to us. We might be able to make that work.

Bigger? Better!

Want us to play your event, but your significant other says "band has to have horn section?" Don't worry, we got you covered. Add a horn, additional vocalist, keyboard player, or percussionist to any configuration of Chillpoint. Our friends are here to help us make more music for you.

Get our Following

You book a club, and you need something new, but don't want to risk an unknown band. Chillpoint has social media presence and dedicated localized fans from San Diego to San Francisco. Talk to us about sharing in the risk and the reward!

Meet the Band

Chillpoint was founded by three professional working musicians who have played, recorded, or appeared on stage with a wide variety of national and international acts. The guys played a couple of gigs together, and the chemistry was immediately apparent. Chillpoint was born. The members of Chillpoint are: Brian J. Fox, basses; Craig Thatcher, drums; William Fiedtkou, Guitar and Vocals.


Below are a few bits and pieces of feedback from fans, club owners, bartenders, and more. We appreciate any and all feedback. And don't forget to use the #chillpointband hashtag on your social media &emdash; it makes a big difference, and it will show up on our website!

Totally professional. On time, don't play too loud, don't get drunk, and keep the crowd dancing and partying. Love to have them whenever we can.

Dave Francis Bartender

The rhythm section is ridiculous. It's like having a 5 piece band, but there's only three guys up there!

Anonymous Chillpoint Listener

The musicians are both versatile and passionate. I would book them at Soho in Santa Barbara, the Troubador in LA, and clubs in Vegas immediately.

Andrea McNeely Booking Agent

William delivers a Jimi Hendrix style performance on guitar, and an Al Green performance on vocals. It's wonderful to listen to, and really sets the mood for the whole evening.

Corey Club Goer

Chillpoint kicks ass!

Unknown Drunk at Seven Bar

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